Jeff Dayton, Certified PGA Instructor

[email protected]
Cypress Head Golf Shop: (386) 756-5449

Jeff Dayton, a PGA member for almost 25 years, is certified in all recognized areas by the PGA of America, including Instruction. Jeff’s golf professional career has toured throughout the Southeastern United States, including Maryland, South Carolina, New Jersey, Louisiana, Texas, and now, since 2022, Florida. An avid golfer and fisherman, Jeff resides in Port Orange with his wife, Nancy and son, Joey. Jeff enjoys leading the Player Development Team at Cypress Head and has been teaching the greatest game since 1989.

Jeff’s teaching methods involve dialing in on the fundamentals first, then working with the individual’s biomechanics to develop a swing that has consistency and longevity. Jeff enjoys instructing new golfers, and offers private individual and small group lessons by the hour. Also, being a tournament competitor for many years, Jeff can recognize the little details and dial in on the difference maker for the single digit golfer. Jeff uses V1 software for video analysis and conducts post lesson reviews with a written prescription for success. Whether it be swing mechanics, golf course management, the mental game, or simply playing a little bit better in order to have more FUN, Jeff can help advise of your next steps.

Teaching Credentials:

  • PGA 24 year Member
  • PGA Certified Instructor
  • PGA Certified Retail
  • PGA Certified Golf Operations
  • PGA Certified General Management
  • PGA Certified Executive Management
  • PGA Certified Ownership/Leasing
  • V1 PRO Video Instructor
  • Team Titleist Staff member